City of Cedar Park

2021-2023 Strategic Goals 


Strategic goals help the Cedar Park City Council prioritize how to best allocate City resources, efforts and energy, and communicate to the community the Council’s vision for the City.


As the cornerstone of their dedication to improving the City, the Cedar Park City Council periodically reviews, evaluates and updates Strategic Goals for the City of Cedar Park.  These goals guide our City operations, so that City Council and staff can work together to successfully execute the City Council’s long-term vision, and keep Cedar Park moving into the future.

Livability & Sense of Place


Preserve a community that encourages connectedness, has a unique sense of place and commits to a high quality of life for all.

Strong community connections

Foster a sense of community and engage residents.

Bell District

Advance the significant public-private partnership through the successful commencement of Phase 1 development.

Recreation Opportunities

Strengthen our portfolio of recreation and learning programs, events and facilities.

Capital Projects

Dedicate the resources to design and construct the capital projects necessary.

Redevelopment Intiatives

Develop redevelopment strategies that align with the community’s long-term vision and add value to the surrounding area.


Focus on aesthetics and public art to create a positive aesthetic experience, instilling pride and creating a unique identity.

Comprehensive Plan

Adhere to the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality

Cultivate a vibrant business community and increase business investments in the community with successful commercial centers, additional employers, active destinations and support of existing businesses.

Economic Development Strategic Initiatives

Attract targeted businesses to diversify and grow the tax base and increase primary job opportunities.

Projects that Make Cedar Park a Destination

Attract regional destination development and entertainment centers.

Business Community

Actively support existing business community.


Expand and support tourism program to increase visitors and local commerce.

Hotel/Conference Center

Identify partners to advance Hotel/Conference Center project.

Service & Fiscal Excellence

Service & Fiscal Excellence

Deliver high-value public services in a fiscally prudent and sound manner to meet the needs and expectations of our community, enhance the quality of life and continue being one of the safest cities in Texas.

Government Operations

Ensure operations, practices and procedures result in high quality and resident-focused services.

Public Safety

Prioritize and enhance public safety services so that our community feels safe and secure.

Financial Strength

Maintain and enhance strong financial management to capitalize on City’s fiscal strength and provide value for tax dollars.


Invest in the recruitment and retention of a talented and professional workforce.


Ensure technology systems and resources to support and enhance reliable 24/7 operations.

Mobility & Connectivity

Mobility & Connectivity

Safely and efficiently move people throughout the City and improve connectivity by adding alternate routes of travel to businesses, neighborhoods, jobs, parks, entertainment and services.

Comprehensive Mobility Master Plan

Develop a clear vision for a diverse transportation system and adopt a Master Plan for improving multimodal connectivity.


Construct additional roadways or expand existing roadways to increase capacity.

Bike, Pedestrian & Trail

Expand the City’s network of trails, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes to provide more opportunities for trips on foot or bike.

Traffic Operations

Invest in the use of technology to increase the efficiency of the existing roadway system.

Infrastructure & Environment

Infrastructure & Environment

Preserve and enhance the tools and resources necessary to support critical infrastructure and sustainability initiatives.

Infrastructure & Environment

Prioritize investments that support the quality and reliability of critical infrastructure.

Sustaining Infrastructure & Assets

Invest in the maintenance of infrastructure and assets.

Environmental Stewardship

Demonstrate responsible stewardship of community and natural resources.